Contract manufacturing of natural cosmetics

Cosmetics labelled with your own brand - just a few steps from a dream to reality!

Would you like to create a cosmetics brand? Do you feel like expanding the cosmetics range with new modern items or getting better terms of cooperation than you have?
We do a full cycle of contract production from recipe development to packaging design.

Launch your own brand of cosmetics in a month!

More than 500ready-made recipes

We are up to developa unique product for you

More than 1 million unitsof finished products produced

Implement ideas from the very 1st day

About us

ProCare is a manufacturer and distributor of brands Joko Blend, Barbers, Shelly, Tink, Joly:Lab, Touch Protect, Medosan. We have been part of the market since 2016. Our products are certified and presented in 150 cities of Ukraine, Georgia, Hungary, Serbia and other countries. We specialize in the contract manufacturing of cosmetics ー make products for Private Label client orders. What does it mean? We undertake the production of cosmetics on a turnkey basis: from recipe development to necessary documentation preparation. We will help to implement your idea as quickly and efficiently as possible!

What will you get by working with us?

● modern equipment ● laboratory tests ● certified ingredients ● effective recipes approved ● integrated approach

Our own brands


What we produce


creamsbuttersmasksbalmsbody milkcream serums

Foaming products

shampoosshower gelssoapsbath foams 

Oils and gels

serumsmasksfluidsoils, gels

Dry products

maskspowderspeelingsscrubsbath bombs

Who do we work with?


Beauty salons and private masters

Are you a masseur/masseuse, hairdresser or cosmetologist who is developing personal brand? Having Personal brand of cosmetics is a prestigious and it is additional source of income.


Small and medium business

Are you engaged in the field of cosmetics sales? Create your brand to reach a new level. Invest in developing your own brand, do not waste time on others.


Corporate gifts

Looking for unusual gifts for colleagues and business partners? Cosmetics with your company logo is an extraordinary and valuable gift!



You would like to try your hand at sales, but you don't have reliable sales channels and a big budget. Owning a cosmetics brand is a high-margin business that does not require large investments.

Why cooperate with us?


We have our own production station with high-tech equipment and control the quality of products at every stage. We use only certified ingredients and effective formulas.


Our portfolio includes more than 100 satisfied customers and 500 ready-made recipes for high quality products. Experienced chemists-technologists will develop cosmetic formulas at your request.

Individual approach

It's not just words. This is the vision of company and part of its philosophy. We are sincerely interested in your success, as well as in the development of a culture of quality natural cosmetics in Ukraine.

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Any batch size

Our production facilities allow us to produce different volumes of products: from minimum batches of 50 l/ kg to 10,000 l/ kg of cosmetics.

Stages of contract productionof your cosmetic products

The development of cosmetics consists of a few simple steps that we go with you through and finally enjoy the final result. Your package can include services at all stages, or you be in charge of any of them if you like.


Ideas coordination

● drawing up a technical task for the product;● development or selection of recipes;● coordinating design and packaging of cosmetics.


Creating a sample

Our chemists-technologists make a test batch of products, and brand managers create labels. We immediately pack the product in real packaging afterwards. Finished samples are sent to you for approval.


Quality certification

All our recipes have quality certification. If you have a task to make a new cosmetic product, we can, if necessary, prepare permits and register it.


Production and packaging

The final stage is the production and packaging of finished product selected container. This will save you a lot of time and money.

Examples of cosmetics we produce

Contact us


Ukraine, 04131, Kyiv, Ivana Vyhovskoho street, 13


Mon-Fri: 09.00-18.00 


+38 (095) 781 50 65au.moc.eracorp%40tpo

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